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Welcome Remarks by MS Events

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Opening Keynote:
Fatmah Alabdouli, Director of Information and Statistics Department, Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure

09:20 AM 

The Evolving Role of Data and Analytical Leaders: Navigating Leadership in the Era of Data

The role of data and analytical leaders has transformed significantly, they are no longer just technical experts they are strategic visionaries responsible for developing and implementing data-driven initiatives, ensuring data governance and quality, and driving a culture of data literacy and innovation. This session aims to address these evolving responsibilities and how leaders can effectively navigate the challenges and opportunities in the era of data, driving their organizations towards success.

Eng. Ali Abuzinjal, Head of Digital Transformation, Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park

09:40 AM 

Panel Discussion: Expert Perspectives and Actionable Strategies for Driving Maximum Return on Investment with Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Our panel experts will be sharing best strategies on how organizations can harness the power of data analytics and business intelligence to make informed decisions that drive revenue growth, cost optimization, and overall ROI improvement. Also gain insights on how to communicate ROI insights effectively, enabling stakeholders to grasp key metrics and make informed decisions that contribute to ROI maximization.

Hady Solimon, Former ADDA
Ali Yaakub, Head of BI and Analytics, Tamara
Abedin Abbas, VP – Head of Business Projects & Systems, Dubai Islamic Bank

Dr. Addel Al Ameri, VP Strategy and Excellence, HCT

10:20 AM 

Data Modernization

Mohammed Jarood Mustafa, Co-Founder & COO, Novigo
Arsalan Shakeel, Principal Data Architect, Novigo

10:40 AM 

Networking Break

11:40 AM 

Panel Discussion: Real-Time Analytics Redefined: Harnessing the Potential of BI for Actionable Insights

The benefits of real-time analytics with BI extend beyond just data analysis. Organizations can not only understand historical data but also make data-driven forecasts and recommendations for future actions. By harnessing the potential of tools like Power BI, organizations can transform data into a competitive advantage, making faster, more informed decisions that drive growth and success.


Awad El Siddiq, Head of AI, ADNOC
Imran Shaikh, Chief Technology Officer, Virgin Mobile
Latifa El Shehi, Data Management Section Manager, RTA

Rahul Otawat, VP, Strategy, Analytics & Data Science, Mashreq Bank

12:20 PM

Reserved for MicroStrategy

12:40 PM

Know Your Customer: The Ethical – Legal Dilemma

Examine the intricate ethical considerations surrounding data collection and usage in Know Your Customer (KYC) processes. Explore the essential principles that businesses must uphold to ensure compliance with regulatory obligations while safeguarding customer privacy and rights. Furthermore, gain valuable insights into how adopting proactive compliance measures and privacy policies can help organizations maintain consumer trust and enhance long-term resilience.

Zaheera Ahmed, Data Privacy Officer, Leading Bank in Abu Dhabi

1:00 PM

Special Remark | Exploring Cost Allocation, Budgeting Strategies, Data Management

Sona Saha Das, Head of Data & Integration, IT, Alshaya Group

1:20 PM

End of Conference and Networking Luncheon